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Alex Barnett

Residential and Lifestyle Sales
06 323 4434

NZR Limited | Licensed REAA 2008

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Having been born and brought up in the Feilding district with “real estate parents”, I have a good understanding, of both real estate processes and the local area. 


I renovated my first home in Feilding, sold it and am now in my second, so am well placed to assist people navigating through this in the current competitive market. Prior to real estate I was an Officer in the Navy for five years, which honed my organisational skills.


Outside of real estate, I am completing a BBs degree, and enjoy keeping myself (and dog) fit.


"The connection between Nicola and Alex made the difference for us. They work really well together and kept us up to date, gave honest feedback and you knew they were working for the best result!"

Neale and Kath


"NZR are ultra professional and highly reliable. We got the best deal with a difficult house to sell. Well done NZR!"

Sean and Aimee


"As first time buying and selling NZR gave me all the help i needed without any worries. Thank you all!"



"NZR had excellent customer service they were quick and effcient. Highly professional staff made for an all positive experience. 10/10 NZR!"

Paul and Lynne


"I was treated with warm friendly kindness from my first viewing. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Thank you!"

- Anne


"A huge thank you to Nicola and yourself for all your hard work, help and support through such an emotional time. You made it so easy and carefree and I can’t thank you enough. I’m so lucky considering it was so smooth whilst living in Aussie."

- Kate


"The appraisal was comprehensive with excellent communication. We really felt listened to.

- Callum and Rachael


"NZR had a great supply of infrmation, knowledge of the property and area. They were lovely people to do business with."

- Bernard and Sharon


"You and your team were very efficient, leaving low effort on our part. Everything we needed was sent quickly. Thank you."

- Nici and Dan


"Thank you Nicola and Alex for the service provided, it was seamless, professional, friendly and met our, and my fathers, requirements."

- Mace


"Nothing seemed like too much trouble for Nicola and Alex. They gave us prompt feedback, suggested the right method to make the sale a reality. Thank you."

- Les and Grace

"Nicola and Alex were very efficient and organised."

- Diane and Ian

"You are open, honest, and always kept us up-to-date. Thank you!"

- Shane and Donna

"You were both great to deal with! I liked that you were both at the open homes and showed attention to detail while the photographs were being taken. You have great respect for your clients homes."

- Anna

"We chose NZR initially because we knew the commisson was lower and we had, had recommendations. Once we had the appraisal we had faith that Nicola and Alex could get the best price."

- Ashley and Amy

"Right from the first time we met Peter and Nicola at a viewing, we found them extremely helpful and happy to give advice. 

The subsequent appraisal was given with enthusiasm for our property, which gave us confidence that we would get a great price (which we did). 

Throughout the listing and purchase process, Peter, Nicola and Alex were positive, helpful and communicated well. We would recommend NZR!"

- Simon and Raelene

"Nicola and Alex detailed out what was going to happen during the sale of our house - it was an open process process with no surprises. We are very happy to recommend them to others!"

- Shane and Tarsh

"We would use Nicola and Alex again as they were super professional. There was good communication and all of my questions were answered - information was sent when requested."

- Kim and Mark

"NZR provided excellent advise, regular progress reports and numerous text messages to keep us informed."

- Philip

"Who says selling your house is stressful? Choose wise, choose NZR. We did!"

- Stu and Odette


NZR Feilding are proud to support:

Central Districts Show Jumping Group

Halcombe Primary School

North Street Primary School

South Makirikiri School

Feilding Intermediate School

FAHS Feilding High School

Keep New Zealand Beautiful 

The Nga Tawa Turf Ball

Oddity Dance Crew


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Properties for sale

Sold Properties

11B Ranui Place Feilding

17 Sandilands Street Feilding

11 Murihau Place Feilding

25 West Street Feilding

8 Highfield Road Feilding

1107 Taonui Road Colyton

23 Prince Street Feilding

62 Almadale Road Cheltenham

15 Nelson Street Feilding

162 Port Street East Feilding

3 Flygers Line Milson

32 Ferndale Place Feilding

10 Logan Grove Feilding

135 Hansens Line Newbury

1089 Makino Road Feilding

14 Sandstrom Grove Feilding

9 Weld Street Feilding

100 West Street Feilding

9 Cedar Crescent Feilding

5 Elizabeth Street Feilding

83 Fraser Drive Feilding

14 Windsor Terrace Feilding

94 Mount Taylor Drive Feilding

180 Ranfurly Road Feilding

387 Fairfield Road Rongotea

24 East Street Feilding

35 Fraser Drive Feilding

84 Mount Taylor Drive Feilding

11 Keith Elliott Street Feilding

20 Smiths Road Marton

53C Port Street West Feilding

136 Ranfurly Road Feilding

49 Mount Taylor Drive Feilding

9 Quail Avenue Feilding

44 East Street Feilding

141 Pharazyn Street Feilding

2 Millennium Way Feilding

1107 Taonui Road, Colyton Feilding

20 Giesen Road Feilding

3 Mount Taylor Drive Feilding

Halcombe Road (next to 501) Feilding

5 Poole Street Feilding

90 Mount Taylor Drive Feilding

12 Perry Line, Kiwitea Feilding

118 Reid Line West Feilding

6 Puketiro Drive Feilding

1 Sambar Lane Feilding

276A Kimbolton Road Feilding

31 Dewe Avenue Feilding

28 Poplar Grove Feilding

120A West Street Feilding

58 West Street Feilding

382 Kimbolton Road Feilding

894 Taonui Road Colyton

11 Beattie Street Feilding

44 Denbigh Street Feilding

18 Sandstrom Grove Feilding

183 West Street Feilding

15 Sika Avenue Feilding

119 Ranfurly Road Feilding

6 Debonair Court Feilding

14 Trump Place Kelvin Grove

2 Ellerslea Lane Feilding

176 West Street Feilding

6 Osborne Terrace Feilding

10 Nelson Street Feilding

8 Northfeild Rise Feilding

47 West Street Feilding

168 West Street Feilding

114F Warwick Street Feilding

8 Grey Street Feilding

18 Rodeo Drive Kelvin Grove

3 Nelson Street Feilding

66 Wapiti Avenue Feilding

11 Edinburgh Street Feilding

4 Norfolk Crescent Feilding

2 Elly Court Feilding

69 Fraser Drive Feilding

42 Ruawai Road Feilding

11 Kimbolton Road Feilding

12 Prince Street Feilding

18 King Street Feilding

47 Havelock Avenue Westbrook

11A Ranui Place Feilding

12 Prince Street, Feilding

100 Sherwill Street, Feilding

174 Kimbolton Road, Feilding

6A Ranfurly Road, Feilding

6 Dewe Avenue, Feilding

5 Debonair Court, Feilding

81 Denbigh Street, Feilding

12 Fraser Drive, Feilding

28A Cedar Crescent, Feilding

22 Sandstrom Grove, Feilding

24 Port Street West, Feilding

15 Paradise Avenue, Feilding

1 Mayfair Court, Feilding

14A Carthew Street, Feilding

75 Fairview Avenue, Feilding

225A Ruahine Street, Roslyn

7 Denbigh Street, Feilding

108A Ranfurly Road, Feilding

4 Murihau Place, Feilding

16A Kimbolton Road, Feilding

7 Monckton Street, Feilding

17 Sandilands Street, Feilding

61 Port Street West, Feilding

24 Montgomery Street, Feilding

9 Coronation Street, Feilding

174C Manchester Street, Feilding

8 Northfeild Rise, Feilding

42 Wapiti Avenue, Feilding

161 Awahuri Feilding Road, Feilding

35 Fraser Drive, Feilding

107 East Street, Feilding

380 Kimbolton Road, Feilding

17 Suffolk Crescent, Feilding