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Kath Campbell

Residential Sales
027 333 4381

NZR Central Limited | Licensed REAA 2008


I arrived in Ohakune in 1986 to spend a season working on Turoa skifeild, and 30 years later I am still here. My husband and I fell in love with the people and the place and it has been our home ever since.

Most of my working life in Ohakune has been spent teaching Physical Education at Ruapehu College, as well as five years being the Ruapehu Sports Coordinator with Sport Wanganui.

Having recently completed my Real Estate Salespersons qualification, I have embarked on my new career working with the supportive and professional team at NZR Central.

I enjoy people and pride myself on being open and honest and will work hard to ensure that you are connected with the best possible real estate opportunities as a seller or buyer, in a positive and professional manner.



Properties for sale

Sold Properties

12 Miharo Street Ohakune

84 Miro Street Ohakune

30 Snowmass Drive Ohakune

152D Mangawhero Terrace Ohakune

160 Seddon Street Raetihi

Lot 2 Tawhero Road Ohakune

112 Ruapehu Road Ohakune

79 Miro Street Ohakune

6 Rangipo Street Waiouru

2 Tussock Way Ohakune

5 Ngauruhoe Street Waiouru

45 Goldfinch Street Ohakune

5 Martin Place Ohakune

36 Shannon Street Ohakune

151 Burns Street Ohakune

53 Snowmass Drive Ohakune

15 Tawa Street Ohakune

60 Burns Street Ohakune

41 Tawa Street Ohakune

2485 State Highway 49 Ohakune

33 Marino Street Ohakune

31 Miharo Street Ohakune

2 Snowmass Drive Ohakune

59 Arawa Street Ohakune

113 Seddon Street Raetihi

97 Goldfinch Street Ohakune

15 Southridge Drive Ohakune

9 Martin Place Ohakune

22 Marino Street Ohakune

1 Kanuka Way Ohakune

18 Nei Street Ohakune

16 Willow Lane Ohakune

41 Arawa Street Ohakune

164 Seddon Street Raetihi

46 Foyle Street Ohakune

7 Park Avenue Ohakune

5 Karamu Place Ohakune

94 Burns Street Ohakune

96 Goldfinch Street Ohakune

88 Miro Street Ohakune

37 Goldfinch Street Ohakune

Ruapehu Road Ohakune

61 Railway Row Ohakune

116 Ruapehu Road Ohakune

51 Matai Street Ohakune

21 Lakes Road Ohakune

36 Seddon Street Ohakune

20 Rangataua Road Ohakune

46 Foyle Street Ohakune

38 Park Avenue Ohakune

4 Maire Way Ohakune

Mangateitei Road Ohakune

23 Moore Street Ohakune

4 Carex Way Ohakune

1 Carex Way Ohakune

100 Clyde Street Ohakune

27B Raetihi Ohakune Road Raetihi

22 Park Avenue Ohakune

23 King Street Raetihi

31 Grey Street Raetihi

10 Nei Street Ohakune

10 Nei Street Ohakune

49 Queen Street Raetihi

34 Grey Street Raetihi

40 Duncan Street Raetihi

18 Shannon Street Ohakune

15 Southridge Drive Ohakune

32 Miro Street Ohakune

12 Grey Street Raetihi

15 Marino Street Ohakune

54 Miro Street Ohakune

30 Kaha Street Ohakune

130 Mangawhero Terrace Ohakune

89 Goldfinch Street Ohakune

8 Queen Street Raetihi

8 Arawa Street Ohakune

4A Kaha Street Ohakune

116 Burns Street Ohakune

47 Railway Row Ohakune

55 Tainui Street Ohakune

49 Arawa Street Ohakune

51 Grey Street Raetihi

25 Grey Street Raetihi

106 Mangawhero Road Ohakune

77 Arawa Street Ohakune

20 Rangataua Road Ohakune

97 Miro Street Ohakune

130 Miro Street Ohakune

25 Park Avenue Ohakune

1 Tussock Way Ohakune

3 Piwari Street Ohakune

22 Arawa Street Ohakune

54 Duncan Street Raetihi

20 Manuka Street Ohakune

1 Piwari Street Ohakune

47 Arawa Street Ohakune

34 Arawa Street Ohakune

10 Kowhai Heights Ohakune

2 Maire Way Ohakune

9 Martin Place Ohakune

6 Plunket Street Raetihi

18 Kaha Street Rangataua

79 Goldfinch Street Ohakune

22 Matai Street Ohakune

22 Willow Lane Ohakune

35 Grey Street Raetihi

1 Maire Way Ohakune

13 King Street Raetihi

24 Miro Street Ohakune

39-43 George Street Raetihi

52 Miro Street Ohakune

7 Heartwood Lane Ohakune

35 Tawa Street, Ohakune

2 Ranfurly Terrace, Raetihi

82 Arawa Street, Ohakune

69 Rangataua Road, Ohakune

30 Ward Street, Raetihi

25 Manuka Street, Ohakune

27 Tawa Street, Ohakune

20B Manuka Street, Ohakune

51 Railway Row, Ohakune

113 Seddon Street, Raetihi

95 Goldfinch Street, Ohakune

24 Arawa Street, Ohakune

18 Piwari Street, Ohakune

16c Grey Street, Raetihi

1 Karamu Place, Ohakune

7 Ti Kouka Place, Ohakune

8A Martin Place, Ohakune

25 Foyle Street, Ohakune

30 Shannon Street, Ohakune

3 Heartwood Lane, Ohakune